Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted Towards You

Do you think you end up getting more mosquito bites than your folks? Well, you are not getting paranoid, it may be the reality! These pests love some humans more than others. Why so? Read on to know why are mosquitoes attracted to you?

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Is Your Skin Bacteria Helpful

Believe it or not, you have certain types of good bacteria on your skin. However, the range of these may differ from one individual to the other. Therefore, while mosquitoes would stay away from people with diverse bacteria types, they are attracted to people with fewer bacteria.

Blood Group

Your blood type plays a significant role in repelling or attracting mosquitoes. These flies consider some blood groups sweeter and thus more appealing than others. One such example is type O blood that mosquitoes prefer more than others. Additionally, type A takes second place here.

Body Metabolism

Are you wondering why your metabolic rate would affect the mosquito bites on your body? It is because your metabolism is related to your carbon dioxide release, something loved by mosquitoes. For example, pregnant women tend to release a comparatively larger amount of CO2. Resultantly, they get bitten by these pests more often than others.

Protect Yourselves from Mosquitoes

While there are multiple reasons why you are the best prey of mosquitoes, you can easily fight this problem. Here is how!

·    Wear light-colored clothes more often.

·    Try to stay free of sweat at all times or hop into a shower soon after working out.

·    Avoid drinking beer outdoors. Alternatively, place a fan to keep mosquitoes at bay.

·    Use an insect repellent more often.


Before calling for mosquito control in Wakefield, make sure you are well-aware of all the things mentioned here. Mosquitoes may love you more than others due to multiple natural reasons. While you cannot change your blood group, you can surely get a mosquito control service or use repellents more often. A little attention, and you can solve this problem seamlessly!

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